In 1973 Louis Malle made a feature-length documentary at Place de la Republique in Paris. Mostly he just hung around and filmed. From Sept. 2007 through June 2008 I did the same thing. Except instead of shooting with a shoulder-held film camera, I used an early digital Canon Powershot. The only rules I gave myself were that 1) I would stay within the bounds of Place de la Republique and 2) I wouldn't set anything up. I just filmed what I saw. The result is an hour-long homage to one of the masters of cinema. Below are two excerpts. The one on the left is the film intro, showing Place de la Republique as the heart of left-leaning political expression. The second is a montage of musical moments from my 10 months of shooting. And since I shot this film, Place de la Republique has been completely redone by the city.